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From community-use and education facilities to the biggest names in professional sports, Intelligent Play delivers a range of functions suited to anyone and everyone looking to manage their sports fields in a data-driven, efficient way.

It was important to us to develop a technology that would support the work being done at all levels of sport.

To create a system that is as valuable to everyone involved in sports field management from the most experienced professional grounds teams to part-time volunteers at community level and all those in between.

Our technology delivers a range of benefits to our clients, assisting them to maximise performance, ensure player safety and extend the lifespan of their fields. From grassroots to professional sports, our technology provides you with a host of functions and features to support the work you do every day to manage and maintain your sports fields.

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Community-use sports fields serve a wide audience and maximising playing hours and revenue are often important goals for a sports and leisure facility.

Using data to support efficient and effective use of resources, such as time, money and staff scheduling, allows community sports facilities to identify opportunities which may have otherwise been overlooked.

Usage and participation data from Intelligent Play is vital for highlighting trends, identifying added potential of your fields and planning for the future of your sports facility.

Forest sports zone jason spiring 1

"It enables you to track enormous amounts of data, provide graphs and results and helps overall in the operations of your site."

Jason Spiring

Facility Manager, Forest Sports Zone

Rectory park
Rectory Park, Middlesex FA

United Kingdom



Student athlete safety is paramount for sports facilities at schools, colleges and universities. We work closely with grounds managers, athletic directors and operations teams to deliver insights about the status of their sports fields through the automated, tracked data provided by Intelligent Play.

Often with multiple assets to look after and high demand for sports facilities, using Intelligent Play for sports fields at education establishments allows usage and maintenance data to be collected and made available to a wide range of stakeholders involved in the running of the sports and athletic departments.

Dan Kurpick

“We lack property at our school and our field is being used 7 days per week. This technology gives me a kick in the butt to maintain my field more efficiently. It helps me concentrate on the areas that would normally be worn sooner. I feel that our field is going to last longer and play better during its life thanks to this system.”

Daniel Kurpick

Director of Facilities Management, Bergen Catholic High School

High Tunstall
Tunstall Active, High Tunstall College of Science

United Kingdom



For natural turf and synthetic turf fields, professional clubs across football, soccer and rugby look to Intelligent Play to assist them in making data-driven decisions about the management of their sports fields.

When high performance and player safety are of utmost importance, having accurate data at your disposal about your sports fields ensures that you are able to efficiently and effectively plan grounds care around oftentimes very demanding activity schedules.

Gage Knudson

“This technology allows for data-driven decisions to be made by utilising artificial intelligence to map traffic and usage. It has aided us in day-to-day duties by providing heatmaps of specific areas of high usage which allows for targeted maintenance.”

Gage Knudson

Manager Turf and Grounds, Los Angeles Football Club

Mercedes benz stadium
Mercedes-Benz Stadium

United States


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Intelligent Play is aimed at clients across the world from community and education facilities to the highest levels of professional sports.

We love that our community of users is so varied with sports development officers, athletic directors, grounds people, operations managers, coaches and more using our system to help them deliver quality, consistent playing surfaces.

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