Why use this technology?

Facility owners responsible for synthetic turf sports fields frequently express the same issues and concerns: “How do we get the most out of our field? How can we keep the surface in the best condition throughout its lifespan? How do we know the impact that usage has on the performance of our surface?"

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Intelligent Play provides the data you need to answer these questions.

With feedback and input from grounds managers, facility owners and maintenance specialists, Intelligent Play was developed to give you easy access to data about your sports fields. This includes usage and participation insights, tracked and manual maintenance activities, local weather information, and more.

Introducing Intelligent Play.

Play better.

Our accurate, real-time data removes uncertainty and gives you the peace of mind that your field's performance is optimal at all times.
Why us play better

Last longer.

Our technology lets you see what's happening on your field at all times making management easy and improving your projected ROI.
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Play safer.

Poorly maintained surfaces can quickly become hazardous and our system lets you easily identify high usage areas, plan maintenance activity and ensure the safety of your players.
Why us play safer

Be greener.

By keeping track of usage over the entire field and by performing maintenance efficiently you can extend the life of your field, maximising productivity whilst minimising your environmental impact.
Why us last longer

Book your free 30-minute consultation.

During this consultation, we can discuss your pitch management and maintenance challenges and demonstrate how Intelligent Play can help solve these and support you in managing your sports fields.

Suitable for community, education, and professional sports facilities.

Our technology delivers a range of benefits to our clients, assisting them to maximise performance, ensure player safety and extend the lifespan of their fields. From grassroots to professional sports, our technology provides you with a host of functions and features to support the work you do every day to manage and maintain your sports fields.

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