Frequently asked questions


How does Intelligent Play work?

Sensors are mounted above the perimeter of your sports field which capture any usage on the field. This information is converted into anonymous data which is available to you on the Intelligent Play dashboard for your facility. The technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand what is taking place on the field and to be able to provide you with in-depth, accurate data about the status of your field.

How do I track usage and participation?

Intelligent Play does that for you. Perhaps you already have a membership system, entry turnstiles or other check-in process but Intelligent Play provides you not only with the number of players using your field but also with the areas that have been used and how that translates into maintenance requirements.

Do I have to record and input any usage or maintenance information manually?

No.  By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Intelligent Play provides you with an automated tracking system which requires no manual input, and therefore no room for human error.

What is the cost of Intelligent Play?

There is a one-off installation cost to get Intelligent Play installed and a licensing cost to run the sensors for the duration of your licence agreement. The sensors are connected using the 4G/5G network so costs are similar to what you’d pay for a mobile phone contract. We offer 5, 8 and 10 year licence agreements with a number of payment options.

Is Intelligent Play only for 3G fields?

Not at all. Many of our users have Intelligent Play installed for natural grass sports fields as they find it invaluable to receive accurate usage and participation data as well as for the ease of accessing this data through their dashboard and creating reports.

Is it safe for the users on our field?

Absolutely. When it comes to data protection, the footage captured by Intelligent Play sensors is analysed by the on-board processor in real-time, the relevant anonymised data is extracted, and the video is discarded. An example of the data that the dashboard receives would be:

[“pitch”:”facility name”, “timestamp”:”1503561718”,”players”:[{“x”:54,”y”:23}, {“x”:27,”y”:29}]]


We don’t have floodlights. Can Intelligent Play still be installed?

Yes, because alternative structures can also be used to mount the sensors. Contact us for a consultation to discuss the specifics for your facility.

How long does it take to be installed?

On a typical sports field with good access we can complete our installation in 1-day. 


How do we log in to the dashboard?

Once your Intelligent Play sensors have been installed, our support team will email you with login details to access the dashboard for your facility.
You can then access your dashboard at or by clicking Client Login at the top right of our website.

What happens if I’ve forgotten my password?

Not a problem, just send an email to and your password can be re-issued or re-set.

What is the difference between usage hours and player hours?

Usage hours are the actual time the field is in-use (irrespective of number of people on the field) and 1 player hour = 1 player on the field for 1 full hour.

What is an Equivalent User Hour (EUH)?

An EUH is the equivalent of the field being used for 1 hour at its design capacity. For a full-size football field, this would be calculated as 22 players (2x teams of 11 players) on the field for 1 hour. For a full-size rugby field, it would be 30 players (2x teams of 15 players) on the field for 1 hour.

How do I set up alerts?

Within the dashboard, click the profile icon in the top right menu and check the boxes for whichever alerts you would like to receive for your field(s).

How do I get a report?

Within the dashboard, click the Report option in the left menu. It’s then as simple as choosing the date range you’d like the report for and selecting your field(s). The option to download a report as a PDF is then available at the bottom of the report screen.