Atlanta Public Schools.


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When Jasper Jewell first heard about Genius, he knew the system would be an ideal solution to help him manage the Atlanta Public Schools sports field at Grady Stadium. With no on-site maintenance personnel, Jasper had been relying on periodic maintenance being carried out by external vendors.

Atlanta public schools

Intelligent Play works in partnership with leading artificial turf manufacturer, FieldTurf, to deliver our field management technology to their clients around the world as FieldTurf Genius.

In the video below, we hear from one of the earliest Genius users, Athletic Director Jasper Jewell of Atlanta Public Schools, to find out how he uses the system and how it’s changed the way he manages Grady Stadium to ensure surface safety and performance for his athletes and other users of the field.

With Genius installed, Jasper is able to check usage on a daily basis and know exactly when the field has been used, how long it was used for and if certain areas of the field have been used more than others.

The accuracy of the data and the fact that Jasper can access the dashboard at any time means he can easily and promptly identify areas of concern and can then make a call for maintenance to be carried out in a way that is more efficient and more specific to the requirements of the field, based on its recent usage.

Jasper clarifies that by working in this way:

“what it does ultimately is to ensure the lifespan of this field because now you’re able to accurately measure what areas need maintenance and you’re able to get that maintenance done.”

When it comes to how the field gets used, Jasper values being able to see that athletes and teams may have used the west end of the field more than the east end or vice versa.

This allows him to clearly notify those individuals ahead of their next practice, contest or event with Jasper explaining:

“if there’s over-usage in a certain area, I’m able to pick up the phone and contact whichever team that was using the field and say ‘hey, we need to spread the usage evenly across the board.”

The data accuracy as well as other features of the system, including automated alerts, make life easier for Jasper as he knows he can rely on Genius in the absence of having a dedicated maintenance person assigned to his field.

Jasper is clear in his recommendation of Genius for others working in similar roles:

“You can’t beat it for the convenience and for what it gives you. It’s going to definitely change your life and expand the lifespan of your field. And it makes your life as an athletic director that much easier.”

If this innovative field management technology could help bring these same advantages to the way you work and to the fields you manage, please contact us for your bespoke consultation and quote.