Dashboard Release Notes

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Whilst Intelligent Play already offers an advanced and unique pitch management solution, we are committed to ongoing developments to provide users with new and improved features regularly. Users are also welcome to submit their ideas and requirements to us for consideration in our development plans.

In this article, you’ll find a growing list of the exciting new features and updates that have been added to your Dashboard…

April 2022

  • New dashboard design: a complete re-design of the layout and style of the dashboard.
  • – Enhanced Reports section: function to create and save preset report templates, option to select specific days and times within a period, option to select from all data points to include in report, improved PDF download.
  • – Key statistics: available at account, facility and field level, function to select date range, comparative data.
  • – Field comparison: for multi-field facilities, key stats for 2 fields can be viewed simultaneously for comparison
  • – Weather: localised weather data based on GPS coordinates of facility, 3-day basic forecast, 14-day detailed forecast, 7-day historic weather, graphs/charts supplemented with weather data throughout dashboard.
  • – Alerts: task notices highlighting outstanding maintenance tasks.
  • – My Profile: enhanced user profile to include contact number and job title.
  • – General improvements: quick selection date range buttons, increased Field Information, Team page listing all dashboard users, pitch cards for each facility.


  • Monthly Executive Summary Report: an automated monthly report in pdf format sent by email to every dashboard user.
  • Triggered and scheduled snapshots: new functionality to take a live snapshot at the click of a button on the dashboard and the option to select timings for scheduled snapshots to be taken each day.
  • – Technical updates: improvements made to technical structure and build of dashboard to improve speed for scaling.

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