5 Ways to Use Facility Data.

With around 200 fields globally using Intelligent Play, our clients vary from community facility owners and education estate managers to grounds teams for some of the biggest professional sports clubs in the world.

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But when a system gives you such in-depth data, how can you make use of such important information?
Here, we share five ways to use facility data from Intelligent Play…
1. Participation monitoring

Unlike booking systems, entry turnstiles, or other technology or paper methods used to track users of a facility, Intelligent Play requires no human input or action. Our sensors track exact participation and activity on a field at all times, ensuring you have access to data showing the true picture of how many people use your facility for each hour of each day.

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2. Maintenance scheduling

The maintenance calendar and tracking functions keep you informed of what maintenance activities need to be carried out and when they are required. This data is not only pre-programmed into the system based on your field type but is also fully intuitive so if participation on your field increases from what is expected then your maintenance requirements will automatically adjust and you will receive an alert that action needs to be taken.

3. Staffing allocation

By having clear visibility of busy and quiet periods on your field, you can allocate your duty and grounds staff accordingly, ensuring that staffing levels are correct throughout the week, maintenance activities can be scheduled appropriately and time is spent more efficiently when managing and maintaining your field.

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4. Increasing revenue

If you booked 1 additional hour of paid usage per day on your sports field, then it is estimated* that over the lifespan of the surface, you could generate an extra £750,000 in profit. Intelligent Play easily and clearly shows you the quiet / least booked hours and days for your facility, allowing you to direct your advertising to suitable groups or engage with new users who could make use of this time.

*based on average full-size 3G hire rates in the UK

5. Funding support

A business case for investment in your facility will be better supported and better received if you are able to demonstrate your requirements based on accurate information and hard facts. As an example, if you have two fields and are seeking investment to install floodlights on a pitch that currently does not have lighting, then accurate participation data for your floodlit field showing bookings until 10pm every evening could help prove the need for the additional resource.

The facility data from Intelligent Play can be easily turned into reports and exported at the click of a button to be used in meetings and presentations as required. For more info on how to generate a report from Intelligent Play, click here.

If you are an Intelligent Play user and would like more guidance and support on using the system or if you think Intelligent Play could benefit your facility and the work you do, please contact us here or email info@intelligent-play.com and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

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