North Lanarkshire Council: AGP Portfolio.


United Kingdom

North Lanarkshire Council have been utilising Intelligent Play's sports field management system to streamline the maintenance and usage of their sports fields. 


The system has allowed the council to easily schedule maintenance tasks, track usage data, and communicate with sports clubs and teams using the fields. As a result, the fields are in better condition, more organized, and more accessible to the community. Overall, the implementation of this system has greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of sports field management in North Lanarkshire.

What benefits does Intelligent Play bring to this facility?

Intelligent Play has helped automate tasks such as scheduling, maintenance, and reporting. Which in turn has helped in freeing up staff time and improved efficiency.

The system can monitor conditions, such as weather and field usage and alert staff to any potential safety issues. This can help prevent injuries and accidents.

Intelligent Play has provided real-time data to our managers and our Sports Field Technicians which has allowed quick and decisive actions.

The system can track field usage, maintenance equipment usage and schedules. This can help facility managers optimize resource allocation.

This data can be used to make informed decisions about future investments and improvements to the facilities.

Which is the most important of these benefits for this facility and why?

The ability to track user hours/equivalent user hours and view the tasks overview on the dashboard provides significant value. Our Sports Field Technicians can quickly identify which pitches require brushing based on their usage. This feature assists them in effectively managing and prioritizing the maintenance of high-use pitches.

What feature or aspect of the dashboard do you like most and why?

Heatmaps are an excellent visual tool to show our managers of the pitches where the most use is, showing customer behaviour and minimising impact. This allows us to look at the how staff book out certain pitches and look at potential rotation of gate placement to minimise wear and tear to one area or one section of the pitch over the usable life of the surface.

How does having the data from Intelligent Play change, support or add to your role and day-to-day duties?

I work closely with our Maintenance Team Managers and Sports Field Technicians. Intelligent Play has proven to be an invaluable asset in enhancing our maintenance programming. With only a few clicks, we can generate comprehensive reports for multiple stakeholders and elected council members, effectively showcasing maintenance and the optimal utilization of our sports fields beyond regular school hours.

Why would you recommend Intelligent Play to others doing a similar job role to you?

I would recommend it to someone in a similar job role because it offers precise information for informed decision making, saves time and costs through automation, improves field performance by identifying areas of concern, enables evidence-based decision making and will ultimately lead to long-term cost savings by extending the lifespan of the sports pitch.