Racing Club Warwick.


United Kingdom

Intelligent Play was installed in 2021 at Racing Club Warwick for their new full-size 3G pitch which was part-funded by the Football Foundation and constructed by S&C Slatter. 

We had a conversation with Gary Vella, the chairman of Racing Club Warwick, regarding his experience utilizing the Intelligent Play technology.
What benefits does Intelligent Play bring to this facility?

"Brush when required to maintain optimum performance and lifespan" and only brush the areas that need brushing which saves time and money on fuel and prolonging the grass"

"Stats to show which areas are used and when so we can move sessions as required to ensure equal usage"

"Stats to show when peak periods are and whether footfall is increasing or decreasing and at what times"

Which is the most important of these benefits for this facility and why?

"Brushing to maintain performance and lifespan"

What feature or aspect of the dashboard do you like most and why?

"The key statistics section for player and usage hours"

How does having the data from Intelligent Play change, support or add to your role and day-to-day duties?

"It helps to ensure that we do not waste time or money brushing when not necessary and of course also ensuring longevity of the surface"

Would you recommend Intelligent Play to others doing a similar job role to you?