What is Live View?

Live View is a function on the Intelligent Play and FieldTurf Genius dashboards that provides a video animation showing any real-time activity (people or machine maintenance) taking place on the playing field.

If you are not physically present at your sports field, Live View is a simple way to check if any activity is currently taking place.

Watch the video below to understand how Live View works…

If you are an Intelligent Play or Genius user and would like more guidance and support on using the system or if you think Intelligent Play could benefit your facility and the work you do, please contact us here or email info@intelligent-play.com and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

true or false intelligent play

True or False?

With Intelligent Play being such an innovative technology, we get lots of questions about what the system can & can’t do. In this article, we share 8 of the most frequent statements and questions we get about Intelligent Play and let you know whether they are true or false.

1. It's the world's only sports field usage and management system....


Whilst there are other technologies available for player tracking and monitoring of specific field aspects such as grass condition, Intelligent Play is the only monitoring system which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to autonomously track field usage, to help you manage on-field activity and to plan strategic maintenance based on live, actual usage.

2. It's just another CRM....


A CRM allows you to collect and store information with the intention of managing business relationships. Intelligent Play isn’t a CRM.

Our system turns real-time, on-field activity into data autonomously which is displayed clearly in the dashboard. This provides users with in-depth, accurate insights into how and when their sports fields are being used and maintained, allowing them to make decisions and implement actions that will help improve and sustain their fields over the life-span of the surface.

3. An elevated position to mount the sensors and a permanent power supply are the only site requirements needed for installation....


Installation requirements really are as simple as that. A sports lighting mast or pole is the most common option for mounting the sensors but for fields without lighting or a suitable mast, other mounting positions, such as a spectator stand or extended fence post can be used. For projects where there really is no existing on-site mounting position, our team can install a suitable pole or mast to accommodate the sensors.

A permanent power supply is needed because the sensors are operational 24/7 to ensure field activity is tracked at all times.

4. A pitch needs to be ripped up to install the system....


Intelligent Play sensors aren’t installed under a field so there is no reason why the pitch surface would need to be ripped up. Sensors are installed at height above the perimeter of the field, usually on a floodlight mast.

5. No manual input is needed....


Intelligent Play uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to track on-field activity and turn this into clear, understandable data and information. No manual input is needed for this because the sensors automatically track usage on the field which is processed by our system into data and sent directly to your dashboard in real-time. 

6. It can only be installed on new sports fields....


Intelligent Play can be easily retro-fitted for existing sports fields. It is useful to install the system on new fields as you then have usage data available from day one but it is definitely still worthwhile to install Intelligent Play for existing fields too, to help you manage usage and implement correct maintenance practices.

7. Synthetic, hybrid and natural fields can be monitored....


Field usage can be tracked on all field types and machine maintenance can also be tracked on synthetic fields.

8. Only 22 players can be tracked on a football pitch....


Our machine learning model has the ability to track many hundreds of individuals on a field at any time.

We hope that this article is useful for you and provides you with additional clarity about Intelligent Play, how it is installed and how it works.

If you have any further questions about the system, please get in touch.

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FieldTurf Genius, powered by Intelligent Play, named STMA 2020 Innovative Award winner

Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) presented our CEO, Alex Talton, and our partners, FieldTurf, with a 2020 Innovative Award at their recent annual conference held in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This award programme recognises association members who have developed a product or service that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of sports turf managers or makes playing surfaces safer and more playable.

Winners are selected by a task group with entries evaluated against various criteria including whether or not they fill a need in the sports turf market; they are cutting-edge; they make a task easier; they create efficiencies; or they save time and resources.

During the conference, Alex spoke with Athletic Turf‘s Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones to explain how Intelligent Play works using artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor and track usage and maintenance activity on a sports field.

A full-size field hockey, football, soccer or rugby field usually requires two sensors which are mounted at height above the field, most frequently on the floodlighting masts.

On-field activity is converted into easy-to-read data – accessible via an online dashboard – which can be used to assess high and low periods of usage, monitor impact of usage on the surface, manage and schedule maintenance, and more.

alex talton ceo intelligent play stma 2020 innovative award

Intelligent Play works in partnership with FieldTurf to deliver Genius to synthetic turf customers around the world. FieldTurf Genius utilises the Intelligent Play technology to monitor sports fields and to provide valuable data for field owners and turf managers.

The full interview can be watched in the video above and was also published on the Athletic Turf website, here.

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How to generate a report

The easy-to-use reporting feature of Intelligent Play allows you to quickly view your facility’s data for a user-selected time period in a series of clear graphs and charts.

Reports can also be downloaded as a PDF at the click of a button to be used in meetings and presentations or shared with colleagues, investors or others.

By following these 5 simple steps, users can generate a report:

  1. As an Intelligent Play user, login to your dashboard and select the Report option from the left-side menu.
  2. Select the date or date range (and time range if required) that you would like to generate a report for.
  3. Select the data parameters to include in the report.
  4. Check the box next to your facility or select the individual fields you’d like to make a report for.
  5. Click “Generate report”.

It really is as simple as that.

No manual input or reliance on someone to observe and record information correctly in a spreadsheet, agenda or database.

Intelligent Play collects the data from your facility via the installed sensors and the information is then readily available for you whenever and wherever you need it.

Key Stats

5 ways to use facility data

With around 200 fields globally using Intelligent Play, our clients vary from community facility owners and education estate managers to grounds teams for some of the biggest professional sports clubs in the world.

But when a system gives you such in-depth data, how can you make use of such important information?

Here, we share five ways to use facility data from Intelligent Play…

1. Participation monitoring

Unlike booking systems, entry turnstiles, or other technology or paper methods used to track users of a facility, Intelligent Play requires no human input or action. Our sensors track exact participation and activity on a field at all times, ensuring you have access to data showing the true picture of how many people use your facility for each hour of each day.

Heatmap and Sectors
2. Maintenance scheduling

The maintenance calendar and tracking functions keep you informed of what maintenance activities need to be carried out and when they are required. This data is not only pre-programmed into the system based on your field type but is also fully intuitive so if participation on your field increases from what is expected then your maintenance requirements will automatically adjust and you will receive an alert that action needs to be taken.


3. Staffing allocation

By having clear visibility of busy and quiet periods on your field, you can allocate your duty and grounds staff accordingly, ensuring that staffing levels are correct throughout the week, maintenance activities can be scheduled appropriately and time is spent more efficiently when managing and maintaining your field.

image shows a seven day usage graph for a 3g football pitch with weather icons underneath for each day
4. Increasing revenue

If you booked 1 additional hour of paid usage per day on your sports field, then it is estimated* that over the lifespan of the surface, you could generate an extra £750,000 in profit. Intelligent Play easily and clearly shows you the quiet / least booked hours and days for your facility, allowing you to direct your advertising to suitable groups or engage with new users who could make use of this time.

*based on average full-size 3G hire rates in the UK

5. Funding support

A business case for investment in your facility will be better supported and better received if you are able to demonstrate your requirements based on accurate information and hard facts. As an example, if you have two fields and are seeking investment to install floodlights on a pitch that currently does not have lighting, then accurate participation data for your floodlit field showing bookings until 10pm every evening could help prove the need for the additional resource.

The facility data from Intelligent Play can be easily turned into reports and exported at the click of a button to be used in meetings and presentations as required. For more info on how to generate a report from Intelligent Play, click here.

If you are an Intelligent Play user and would like more guidance and support on using the system or if you think Intelligent Play could benefit your facility and the work you do, please contact us here or email info@intelligent-play.com and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.