True or False?.

With Intelligent Play being such an innovative technology, we get lots of questions about what the system can & can’t do. In this article, we share 8 of the most frequent statements and questions we get about Intelligent Play and let you know whether they are true or false.

True or false intelligent play

1. It's the world's only sports field usage and management system....


Whilst there are other technologies available for player tracking and monitoring of specific field aspects such as grass condition, Intelligent Play is the only monitoring system which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to autonomously track field usage, to help you manage on-field activity and to plan strategic maintenance based on live, actual usage.

2. It's just another CRM....


A CRM allows you to collect and store information with the intention of managing business relationships. Intelligent Play isn’t a CRM.

Our system turns real-time, on-field activity into data autonomously which is displayed clearly in the dashboard. This provides users with in-depth, accurate insights into how and when their sports fields are being used and maintained, allowing them to make decisions and implement actions that will help improve and sustain their fields over the life-span of the surface.

3. An elevated position to mount the sensors and a permanent power supply are the only site requirements needed for installation....


Installation requirements really are as simple as that. A sports lighting mast or pole is the most common option for mounting the sensors but for fields without lighting or a suitable mast, other mounting positions, such as a spectator stand or extended fence post can be used. For projects where there really is no existing on-site mounting position, our team can install a suitable pole or mast to accommodate the sensors.

A permanent power supply is needed because the sensors are operational 24/7 to ensure field activity is tracked at all times.

4. A pitch needs to be ripped up to install the system....

True or false intelligent play


Intelligent Play sensors aren’t installed under a field so there is no reason why the pitch surface would need to be ripped up. Sensors are installed at height above the perimeter of the field, usually on a floodlight mast.

5. No manual input is needed....


Intelligent Play uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to track on-field activity and turn this into clear, understandable data and information. No manual input is needed for this because the sensors automatically track usage on the field which is processed by our system into data and sent directly to your dashboard in real-time.

6. It can only be installed on new sports fields....


Intelligent Play can be easily retro-fitted for existing sports fields. It is useful to install the system on new fields as you then have usage data available from day one but it is definitely still worthwhile to install Intelligent Play for existing fields too, to help you manage usage and implement correct maintenance practices.

7. Synthetic, hybrid and natural fields can be monitored....


Field usage can be tracked on all field types and machine maintenance can also be tracked on synthetic fields.

8. Only 22 players can be tracked on a football pitch....


Our machine learning model has the ability to track many hundreds of individuals on a field at any time.

We hope that this article is useful for you and provides you with additional clarity about Intelligent Play, how it is installed and how it works. If you have any further questions about the system, please get in touch.

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