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Dashboard Release Notes

Whilst Intelligent Play already offers an advanced and unique pitch management solution, we are committed to ongoing developments to provide users with new and improved features regularly. Users are also welcome to submit their ideas and requirements to us for consideration in our development plans.

In this article, you’ll find a growing list of the exciting new features and updates that have been added to your Dashboard…

August 2022

  • Optimised mobile dashboard: fully-optimised Dashboard for mobile devices is now available allowing easy access to your Dashboard on the go.
  • Resources: library of videos and other content can be found under this menu option to help with using the Dashboard.
  • Contact us & FAQs: users can now contact our team directly from the Dashboard and can also check out a range of FAQs to find answers to questions across a number of system-related topics.
  • Updated Settings: through the cog icon, users can set the “out of hours” timings for their fields and can adjust Snapshot schedules.

July 2022

  • Calendar: monthly calendars for all facilities and fields within an account and for each individual field with the functionality to add events (such as tournaments, booked sessions, etc).
  • Field Testing: tab available for each field to add previous and future field tests and to attach the relevant test report document.
  • Manual Maintenance Scheduling: add manual (non-tracked) maintenance activities to the maintenance calendar, assign it to another dashboard user, set a recurring frequency to the activity and add notes and an attachment.

April 2022

  • New dashboard design: a complete re-design of the layout and style of the dashboard.
  • Enhanced Reports section: function to create and save preset report templates, option to select specific days and times within a period, option to select from all data points to include in report, improved PDF download.
  • Key statistics: available at account, facility and field level, function to select date range, comparative data.
  • Field comparison: for multi-field facilities, key stats for 2 fields can be viewed simultaneously for comparison
  • Weather: localised weather data based on GPS coordinates of facility, 3-day basic forecast, 14-day detailed forecast, 7-day historic weather, graphs/charts supplemented with weather data throughout dashboard.
  • Alerts: task notices highlighting outstanding maintenance tasks.
  • My Profile: enhanced user profile to include contact number and job title.
  • General improvements: quick selection date range buttons, increased Field Information, Team page listing all dashboard users, pitch cards for each facility.


  • Monthly Executive Summary Report: an automated monthly report in pdf format sent by email to every dashboard user.
  • Triggered and scheduled snapshots: new functionality to take a live snapshot at the click of a button on the dashboard and the option to select timings for scheduled snapshots to be taken each day.
  • Technical updates: improvements made to technical structure and build of dashboard to improve speed for scaling.
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Introducing Nick Talton as Project Manager

At Intelligent Play, we have recently welcomed Nick Talton to the team as Project Manager.

Nick brings extensive industry experience and will lead on project management for Intelligent Play installations around the world. In this Insights post, we chat with Nick about his previous experience, his new role and what he’s looking forward to achieving over the coming year…

Tell us a bit about your background

I’m a qualified Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager with over 13 years of leading industry expertise in delivering projects within the sports construction Industry.

Throughout my career I have delivered projects from grassroots level up to elite sports level, with a continued focus on ensuring performance, time and cost standards are achieved.


What will your new role at Intelligent Play involve?

My new role as Project Manager for Intelligent Play will see me managing projects from the initial design and specification throughout to completion, client onboarding and aftercare. I will be the primary point of contact for our delivery teams, clients and other key stakeholders around the world.

The role will see me working closely with the board of directors at Intelligent Play to deliver their vision and ensure we offer the best possible value and quality for our clients through our innovative, patented technology.


What attracted you to this role?

Being able to travel overseas and be involved with a fast-paced, growing business were most certainly the biggest attraction.

I was already familiar with the system and software in place at Intelligent Play from my career as a sports pitch contractor and have always been impressed with the level of data supplied in the dashboard as well as the reporting functions.

I was excited by the opportunity to put my career experience and education to work for an innovative and progressive company in an industry I am already so familiar with.


What are you most looking forward to achieving in the role over the next 6-12 months?

Over the next 6-12 months, I am looking forward to growing the business at Intelligent Play and adding to our ever-increasing project portfolio.

There are a varied number of sectors where we have our technology installed and I believe that over the next 12 months we will further understand the key requirements and benefits of the system for each sector to be able to deliver the best value for clients managing pitches at every level of sport.

My personal target is to ensure that we complete every project to the highest standard, on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.


How has the sports construction industry changed during your career?

Over the last 13 years, the sports construction industry has evolved through developments in technology, material availability, health and safety requirements and most recently in line with COVID restrictions and changes caused by Brexit.

One thing that is consistent in our industry is the ability to adapt to changes and to show resilience in the face of challenges to ensure we continue to manage and meet our clients’ expectations.


With the extensive industry experience you have, what do you see as the biggest benefit you’ll bring to Intelligent Play?

I believe my experience of working with the majority of the UK’s sports consultants and pitch contractors will be the biggest benefit to Intelligent Play for the successful delivery of our projects and for developing the system into wider sectors, utilising the relationships cultivated through my previous years of experience within the industry.

By understanding our clients’ requirements, we can offer the best possible experience of working with Intelligent Play and delivering unrivalled technology to help them manage their pitches more efficiently and effectively.


And, finally, how do you spend your time outside of work?

Outside of work, I am a keen all-round sports fan and take every opportunity I can to watch live sport. I also enjoy travelling (which helps with this new role) and spending time with my family and friends.

To get in contact with Nick regarding Intelligent Play, email nick@intelligent-play.com